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Funeral Expenses – Qualifying families can request financial support for the costs associated with burial/funeral expenses as funds are available.

Autopsy Expenses – When insurance coverage does not include autopsy qualifying families can request financial support for the costs associated with the full evaluation of a stillbirth as funds are available. Understanding what happened is so important in the healing process for grieving families. Likewise, understanding what did not cause a baby’s death is very important in planning future pregnancies.

Bereavement Support – Grief work is difficult and may require professional assistance. Qualifying families can request assistance with funds to allow them the mental health guidance they need in these difficult times as funds are available.

Stillbirth Research – Until we understand better what causes stillbirth we cannot fully protect unborn babies. Funding for ongoing research is an important part of our mission.

Request Assistance

To request assistance for a program, please download and complete the request form. Than fill out the form on this page and upload the completed application and copies of your invoices and submit.  You may also print and return, along with copies of invoices to Cael’s Angels Association 7628 Greenfield Ave. Mounds View, MN 55112 or Email scanned copies to  A representative will contact A.S.A.P. If you require more immediate assistance, please call 763-785-417

Download and fill out the following form to apply. Click form to open. Submit your completed application using the form.

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